Anthro 2ac Conventional paper

Anthropology 2AC Study Paper

Native American shellmounds happen to be one of the most historically rich sites still around today. The San francisco is one of the previous places with this history available. The West Berkeley Shellmound, trinomial designation CA-ALA-307, is a good example of one of these rare sites. This kind of shellmound is located at Second Street and Hearst Opportunity in Berkeley, California and it is one of the previous shellmounds to line the shore of the San Francisco These types of (Wallace 1975: 1). As a result of large removal of the shellmound through out the many years movement, for house of provided streets, train tracks, and two factories, it is around impossible to estimate the exact size of the shellmound on its own (Wallace 75: 1). In 1975, the shellmound's measurements were 45'x100' in length and width. Nevertheless , at one time it was estimated to stand 20 feet over a ground and three feet listed below it, with dimensions of up to 350'x600' long and width. In 1950, a considerable excavation with the mound started. Although a lot of the mound was no longer present because of its location in between two buildings, the excavation would still be successful because of a fair quantity of sample that was recovered from your remnants with the mound and preserved.

This shellmound was segregated into two distinct areas, the North end plus the South end. Totaled, those two areas symbolized a combined area of regarding 1, 175 square feet. The primary excavation internet site was located at the To the south end trench and was dug to a interesting depth ranging from eight to eighteen feet, with regards to the thickness and deposit in the strata. The North end trench kept a ten-foot square hole that was cut through a layer of limestone (Wallace 1975: 8). This slice was extremely necessary in order to reach the sterile dirt layer beneath the midden. This kind of midden was, in total, 13, 000 cuft and was tediously measured in twelve-inch increments (Wallace 1975: 8).

A number of artifacts had been found at the internet site; about three or more. 412 man-made...

Citations: 5. Wallace, Bill J., and Donald W. Lathrap. West Berkeley (CA-ALA-307): A Broadly Stratified Shellmound on the East Shore in the San Francisco These types of: University of California, Berkeley, 1975.



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