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Business Administration Skills

Job 1

Name Organizational Composition

AuthorGalina Georgieva


2. To give a bank account of the history of the organization.

5. To describe their current role or organization activity

* Identify the sort of business organization that it is (Sole Trader, Alliance, Private Organization, Charity and so forth ) 5. To identify obviously the organizational structure (hierarchical or level structures, efficient, product, physical or matrix structure). Point out the different departments in the organization and express the function and function of each department. To illustrate this kind of structure within an organizational graph. * To check into the impact with the external environment on the corporation. To carry out an infestation +C evaluation of the corporation. * To undertake a SWOT analysis with the organization.

5. To explain the role of quality control systems in the organization plus the various quality accreditations obtainable. * To evaluate my studies and bring conclusions.


For my own assignment I decided to investigate a location when I would my job history. That is the Giovanni's restaurant.

Research Carried out

I accumulated a lot of information from your time I spent generally there on work experience. I likewise ask a whole lot of inquiries. I use my own Text publication to collect all information. I created a question will be with concerns relevant to my personal assignment. We also use and internet. I took one of the most of information coming from " Organization Administration fourth Edition " book by Arlene Douglas.

Main Human body

History of business

In the 2006 Aliona and Sergey Dima opened their very own first cafe in Dungarvan Co Waterford. From really modest beginnings, they struck on a successful formula offering a high quality merchandise cheaply and quickly. Last season years that they moved their particular business in Ballyhaunis Company Mayo starting was effective but in 2010 their business going down because of recession.

Current Role or business activity

Giovanni's Cafe and Eliminate is family owned restaurant and fast food. Giovanni's provided a combination of excellent foodstuff and worth pricing. The Restaurant can be open via 14p. meters until 3a. m. Giovanni's offered poultry, fresh seafood, steaks, burgher's pizzas, kebabs. The restaurant also gives and telephone order. You may order your food by telephone and accumulated after that. The meals is recently prepared which can be huge benefits for business.

Sort of Business Business

Sole Speculator

When you start a business you can do so either like a sole speculator, partnership or limited company. The type of structure you choose depend upon which kind of organization you will be carrying about, with whom you will be performing and your frame of mind to risk. I i am look at placing as a sole trade. That is certainly, when you create business by yourself. Being a only trader is comparatively straightforward to create, but if your business fails, most yours assets could be accustomed to pay creditors. Registration of business name

You may carry on your business utilizing your own name. If you wish to make use of a business term you must sign-up your business term with the Corporations Registration Office. In corporation that I look at registration Brand of busses is Giovanni's. You need to have a business account with your bank. This permits you to maintain your business profits separate from the personal salary. The owner of the Giovanni's keeps business salary separate from him personal salary. So generally you need your Certificate of Business Brand to open an enterprise bank account.


The main legal obligation the moment becoming self-employed is that you need to register as such with Income. In order to build as a sole trader you should register while self employed intended for income tax Income... The owner must keep the ebooks of the business in order and submit monthly and end of yr tax returns and must register for VAT in some annual restrictions is exceeded.

Organizational Framework

An company structure sets out the ways in...

Bibliography: Web addresses: http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/employment/types_of_employment/self_employment/self_employment_as_an_individual.html

Book: Business Administration book authored by Alrene Douglas.

Evidence of study

I am enclosing each of the completed questions with this project.






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