Equality Diversity And Rights P1

Equal rights, Diversity and Rights

Sinead O'Neill


• Equality- Ensuring that everyone has equal

options and legal rights.

" The state of being equivalent, especially

in status,  rights, or opportunites” Oxford dictonary.

‘Our flag is crimson, white and blue, but our naton

is a rainbow- red, yellowish, brown, black and

white- and we're all valuable in The lord's sight. '

Jesse Knutson


• Diversity- The way people are

different e. g. race, language, ethnicity.

‘'We all live with the objectve of being content;

our lives are all different however the same. ''

Anne Outspoken


• Rights- Items everyone is eligible too elizabeth. g. value and not be discriminated against. We all have right to privacy, to live, to marriage and family, to own our own residence. To not end up being discriminated against. To healthcare. The right to job, not have no choice but into relationship. • Individual rights work 1998 this kind of ensures that everyone is being cared for fairly with regards of this take action, people usually takes legal actions against anyone who breaks this act and disrespects all their human rights.

• ESTE conventions on the rights in the child continues to be signed by simply all countries in the world eliminating USA and Somalia. This kind of act provides young people and children forty rights some of which are ‘the right to share and have their views taken into consideration on almost all matters that affect them' article doze another ‘the right to be free from all types of violence' article 19 and ‘the right to play snooze and enjoyment. ' content 31

How come diversity, equality and rights are


Equality and diversity are becoming more important because

in modern society we are a lot more different and have to

know how to admiration others without having to be insensitive.

Range in contemporary society could contain gender, race, disability, libido, class along with your age. Present day society is a lot more

diverse and valued. Even as we are a multicultural country all of us

should efficiently value range.

All operate placements should certainly follow equality and individual

rights to ensure employees experience safe in the workplace

and usually are subject to splendour or staying left out

due to their race etc .

p2 Discriminatory practices

Victimisation is when you deliberately take care of somebody within an unpleasant fashion because you really feel they are working on a " protected act. ” This is often because someone is stressing that they experience they are being discriminated (equality act. ) e. g. in health and social attention if you deal with an aged person who is definitely disabled several because they are complaining that they are being treated illegally, this is smashing the disability act.

Direct splendour is when ever someone is definitely intending to discriminate against someone to their confront due to their contest, sex, sexuality or religion.

Indirect discrimination is when ever someone is being treated unfairly behind their back and not directly this too can be due to race, sexual intercourse or religion.

Examples of discriminatory practices

• Direct- An example of direct discrimination is each time a man and woman will be up for advertising but the person gets that because the supervisor is sexist and prefers men, therefore the man gets the promotion regardless if he provides fewer qualifications and has not performed as well as the female do.

• Indirect- An example of indirect discrimination could be when serving food to elderly people in the care residence, if one of the service users was a Muslim, and their religious beliefs says never to eat pig, yet the home doesn't focus on their needs as they are Muslim, therefore they constantly get served pork. Sometimes this is because of ignorance or perhaps lack of knowledge on religion and tradition. • Victimisation- An example of victimization in health and social proper care settings; You are a attention worker within a care home and you deliberately bully and ignore a service user since they have complained that they usually are getting the care that they need so you dismiss them and cater to everyone else's needs in the home.

The actual effects of discriminatory practices

happen to be

• Disempowerment is when someone...



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