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Homework #8 (Personality and Psychological Disorders)

1 . Within a heated argument with his father, 17-year outdated Carlos developed a paralysis of his right adjustable rate mortgage. Medical examinations can find no physical cause of the paralysis. Use the psychoanalytic perspective to explain how the paralysis may be Carlos' attempt to cope with an subconscious conflict among his identification and superego.

2 . a) Describe the function of defense mechanisms. b) Name six of them and c) clarify each.

several. a) Discover Freud's psychosexual stages of development, b) and identify the effects of hinsicht on patterns.

4. According to Freud, personality is as your child passes by using a series of ___psychosexual____ stages, every of which is focused on a specific body place called an _________erogenous_________ ________zone________.

5. The tendency to overestimate the extent where others happen to be noticing and evaluating us is called the __spotlight_____ _____effecr_______.

6. In generalized anxiety disorder, the body acts physiologically with the arousal from the _____autonomic_____ worried system. In some instances, anxiety may possibly intensify significantly and unpredictably and be accompanied by chest pain or perhaps choking, one example is; people with these symptoms happen to be said to possess ___generalized__ ________anxiety______. This panic may elevate into a minutes-long episode of intense dread, or a _______panic________ ___attack______.

six. A person who evolves two or more distinct personalities can be suffering from _____Dissasociative_________ ____Identity________ disorder.

8. The distorted, false beliefs of schizophrenia sufferers...



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