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" Learning How to Get a Better Me for the Future” – Submitted by Catherine Baker

As a member in the Orangeburg Alumnae Chapter's Delta GEMS Plan it is really an reverance to have been selected to attend this summer's Teen LIFT program. As a young African-American female who has been continually overlooked intended for various educational opportunity programs that could have got assisted me personally in taking right educational path through my high school years.

Having the ability to participate in the Teen LIFT program will find the money for me the chance to engage in increased thinking encounters. This program may help me get in touch with the inner myself, discovering exactly who I am, who I wish to become and very importantly, could plan to reach my goals in life. By simply participating in the teenager LIFT program, I will be able to move into the future with a great self-esteem, understanding the beautiful African-American female that looks at very little in the reflect every morning hours, and caring what I discover, as well as using a vivid watch and understanding of the world we all live in.

The Teen LIFT UP program can be very beneficial to me since I believe it is going to open up fresh pathways of opportunities pertaining to young ladies to focus on the skills had to function as a complete being when entering the many fields of their choice. Developing up in Orangeburg, SC, I use not had a lot of ethnic enrichment chances until I actually became a member of the Delta GEMS program. I possess learned a lot in the GEMS program and i also know that by simply participating in the teenager LIFT plan this summer, my personal hopes and dreams of becoming a better resident will only maximize my expertise and expertise of becoming an improved leader.

" Moving Forward into a Successful Future”

Posted by Toni Inabinet, Delta GEMS (Orangeburg Alumnae Chapter)

I believe that all individual needs to have the opportunity to go after his or her dreams of succeeding educationally, culturally and socially and i also am elated to be able to be involved in...



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