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Business Managing Quality Development with Market-Based Global SCM System Rendering Samsung Electronic devices, a leading Korean company and a symbol with the IT sector, carried out an innovative project to boost its global Supply Cycle Management (SCM) execution capability, gaining the industry's curiosity. Samsung Electronics placed it is emphasis on the business enterprise management situation of guessing and finding your way through future environmental changes and competitiveness, which can be one of the your survival strategies of an industry with an unpredictable long term. The company is definitely aggressively building the foundation for enhancing business management acceleration and efficiency-oriented business administration innovations seeing that early this year. In accordance with this kind of scenario, Microsoft's Business Intelligence (BI) Platform supplied life to Samsung Electronics' SCM system. Samsung Gadgets decided to put into action an action-oriented BI answer that enables on-demand changes of business administration plans and reflects these adjustments. Consequently, it chose to deploy SQL Server 08, which can satisfy all three key requirements of BI answer, including ‘performance and reliability', ‘cube write-back' and ‘user convenience', plus the company can be thoroughly that great benefits of this IT innovation. In the face of enterprise-wide application, they have completed app in only it is video display business department, so it is continue to too early to note any set quantity of benefits. However , with this system setup, Samsung Gadgets expects to improve its outlook accuracy to get product needs by much more than 20%. |[pic]





|We judged that people must operate a

|market-based SCM in order to find

|changes in the global market

|environment and also to adapt quickly to

|the alter requirements. Therefore we

|required a trusted BI option that

|can support a large amount of info

|processing on The samsung company Electronics'

|promoted DRONE platform, which usually consists

|of hundreds of terabytes of information from

|ERP and GSBN systems. Ultimately, all of us

|chose Microsoft's DRONE Platform mainly because it

|can resolve issues of timely and

|technical costs sensed and required by

|Samsung Gadgets while it was

|facing system implementation.




|Jo Dong-geun

|Deputy Director, Samsung Electronics








Need for market demand-based global SCM in order to actively respond to changes in the exterior environment

Korean Electronics, showing limitless expansion in the two semiconductor and cell phone industrial sectors, is a global corporation with more than 90 offices in 52 countries worldwide. Last year, this achieved ALL OF US 100 billion dollars in revenues, positioning itself as one of the ‘Top three or more Companies in Global Electronics Industry' and early this coming year, it rated 38th, the very best for a Korean company in a Fortune Magazine announcement from the ‘Top 500 Global Firms for 2008'.

Until it proven a significant business administration index of US 100 billion dollars in annual income, Samsung Gadgets was under pressure from substantial logistics costs and unconfident supply and demand of raw materials and, as a developing company, it will always be conscious about imminent risks and a purpose for continuous innovation and future awareness to avoid over-purchase/production.




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