School Is usually Bad for Kids

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The Responsibility of School

Sometimes when we are going to school and seated on the shuttle bus, there is always something shows about in our mind: what is the goal for all of us to go to institution, though would go to school is among the compulsory issues in our life? When we are in school, there is a list of rules to limit us to expand each of our thinking techniques and prohibit our hobbies and interests. In the document " University Is Harmful to Children, ” John Holt reveals some problems in the current approach to schooling which can be bad for kids. He states that the educational system currently teaches college students so many imitation things besides making them turn into lazy. Also, he provides some methods to deal with the down sides as well. In Holt's view, schools should change a selection of their rules through adding more different classes in students' university time. Certainly with Holt's opinion that schools should certainly abolish several old-useless rules and subjoin more new elements to create students' school time more colorful and useful for them. It Is Important for the children to Know the earth Earlier

What is the goal for individuals of learning in school? The solution is for the better existence in the future. Even so they have to face the real world 1st. Schools should certainly let students learn more understanding of the world, mainly because they have to encounter the world later on. Holt provides solution, which is to bring even more people who are not the teachers in the school and let all of them have exposure to the children, thereby expands kid's vision and assists the introduction of their temperament. He talks about, " Besides their father and mother, most children do not have any close contact with any kind of adults except people whose sole business is children. No wonder they have no idea what adult your life or operate is like. ” " We should bring a great number of00 who are certainly not full-time instructors into the colleges and in contact with the children. ” In my perspective, this really is good for children if universities do...



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