The Slavs: East vs . Western world vs . To the south

Rafael L. Cortada-Brzykcy

Professor G. Portillo

English 091

two April 2013

The Slavs: East vs . West versus South

When the term " Slav” can be mentioned, the first individuals to come to mind are definitely the Russians. We all know them by way of a unique script of producing, vodka, and are also the most populated of all of the ethnic tribes that populated the mountains, rivers, and plains of Eastern European countries. Although a quintessential persons of this region, they differ greatly by many of their particular brothers and sisters of the identical bloodline that also live south and west of these. Russians, along with their neighboring friends to the south, east, and western world are divided dramatically by religion, dialect, and physical landforms through the South Slavs and Western world Slavs.

Religious beliefs is a key in the great divide in the Slavic peoples. Prior to Christianity every Slavic tribe had their own set of questionnable gods, while using most common a single being Svetovid, the goodness of battle. Many of the Slavic tribes and cantons will not adopt Christianity until the 9th Century ADVERTISEMENT, and they may not be combined by a single Christian House of worship. When the Wonderful Schism occurred in 1054, the church will be spilt in the two key fragments, creating a byproduct of two branches of Christianity we know more recently, Catholicism and Orthodoxy. While the Western Slavic peoples just like the Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Sorbs, Moravians, Silesians, Kaszubians, Croats, and Slovenes were within the sphere of influence in the Pope and Catholic Rome, the Russian, Ukrainians, Rusyns, Belarusians, Bulgarians, Serbs, Macedonians, and Montenegrins gravitated to the Patriarch of then Orthodox Constantinople. Even though these two would be the main Christian religions present, Islam is also common in a few Slavs. The Bosniaks, Gorani, Pomaks, and Torbesh lenders are all Muslims. Since the battle of Kosovo Polje in 1389, The Ottoman Turks had busy the Balkans until the 20th Century. Some of the local foule like the Bosniaks and Albanians had welcomed the Turks and modified...

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