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Eating an apple is political. Maybe you first got it from the taberna downstairs that usually smells like burnt off coffee and toothpaste. Could be that apple came from Nj-new jersey, or maybe this came from Washington State. Whether it came from Wa, a trucker probably brought it to you personally. He might have gotten worn out on the road, do a little crack to keep him up, dropped control, and run a car off the road, hurting all five of their passengers.

Could be none of the happened, but on the other hand it would. The possibility makes eating a f as noteworthy salient since voting. The federal government chooses just how much to taxes the apple, but you decide to use to eat it. Dominos fall across the country and tie the micro of your actions for the macro of any global sociable and political economy in which even tiny choices possess far-flung outcomes.

Most of the time we ignore this complicated truth, and choose instead to think about only green or red. But the choice has more implications than color: we're deciding on where really from, who also benefits and who seems to lose from our simple purchase. The only indicator with this is a tiny sticker that blends in the background of our consciousness. Record, economy, and politics hide behind this indicator of difference, and then for ease, usually they stay there. Usually, this kind of pondering can be inhibitive to working in a active society. However we choose if to ignore other narratives to make simpler our own, or perhaps create a group narrative that incorporates persons and locations otherwise evasive and forgotten. We choose whether to live in a world of aggregated knowledge and widespread associations or to simply eat a f.

This story can stay on the wide open highways, ready, or go the webpages of a distribution where it could replace the trucker's silence with communicated understanding. Starting from a place of the keen understanding of the consequences of culture as well as the politics of actions, I would like to refine my own skills as being a writer, reporter and vit by...



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